Hi Everyone, 
                 Today I am going to share the trick by which I am using QuickHeal Total Security 2012 for the last five months without any problem. As you all know that there are unlimited topics all over the internet all offering genuine, lifetime QuickHeal crack/Patch. But not a single one works because all are malicious files that's why you have to install them turning the ''self defense'' off and in some cases,in ''safe mode'' and all results to unstable system with exposure to lots of threats.
I will not promise any thing like ''lifetime crack'' or ''100% genuine patch'', what I am going to share is a complete legitimate trick by which you can reinstall QuickHeal as many times as you wish and each time getting a full functional trial license from QuickHeal itself for full one month.
QuickHeal Total Security 2012 is very lightweight and uses state-of-the art technology. Those who do not know about this fantastic antivirus,please refer to www.quickheal.com and you will understand why it is one of the expensive and best antivirus,if not,the best. 
If you are thinking about problem regarding repeated database update, Just read on, that too has been solved.

Now, to the main topic:

Download this small file from here and extract:(only 150 kb): 

This file is digitally signed by Microsoft and here is a screenshot of VirusTotal scan:
Now uninstall QuickHeal through normal uninstaller if you have it already installed,Restart computer,run the .exe file  from the downloaded archive to completely erase all traces of quickHeal.The trick to delete some registry value or using other QuickHeal uninstaller do not work anymore,this is the only working uninstaller left.
Again Restart your system.

Download Quick Heal Total Security Form any one link given below:
Both links are from official Quick Heal site.(www.quiuckheal.com)
-Install QuickHeal Total Security 2012.

- Now download and install Quick Heal Update Manager for 2012 Product Series from HERE:


- Launch Quick Heal Update Manager and click on update now and it will create a folder as following:
  C:\Program Files\Quick Heal\Update Manager 4.56\update\1300

- Stop the update as it will take hell lot of time.

- For the first time download updates manually from HERE


- and extract it, copy all files to
C:\Program Files\Quick Heal\Update Manager 4.56\update\1300

- Now go to configuration in Update manager and tick only Quick Heal Total security 32bit or whatever product(s) you are using or you want to update.
- Now go to Quick Heal Total Security settings and click on automatic update-click "pick update files from specific path" option.
-click browse and set path to QH update manger download path
as following:
C:\Program Files\Quick Heal\Update Manager 4.56\update\1300

- then click save.
-Now update QuickHeal, and you will find QuickHeal being updated taking update files from the specified folder
and you will get informed that ''QuickHeal has been updated successfully''.

-That's all,you are all done to use this fantastic product for next one month with valid license and no unwanted crack or patch files are needed.
After the trial period when you uninstall QuickHeal, make sure to take backup of all the update files form

C:\Program Files\Quick Heal\Update Manager 4.56\update\1300

so that after reinstalling you can put those files back again and there is no need to download all the updates again.
Next time while reinstalling just follow the same procedure.
- Update Manager will download updates automatically and save everyday to above folder.
- Quick Heal Total Security will download updates automatically not from Quick Heal server but from the given folder.
- Make sure the update manager is downloading the updates to the following folder and Quick Heal Total security is updating it from the same location as below:
C:\Program Files\Quick Heal\Update Manager 4.56\update\1300